What kind of play equipment would you like to see at Oak Grove? Please post any ideas here

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  1. EdwardN

    How about some kind of water play? There’s nothing like it in the area and it would be very popular on a hot day. Something like this?

  2. Carrie-from-Camden

    Could we please have play equipment that isn’t NOISY? I don’t mind the sound of children playing but can’t stand squeaking swings & roundabouts…sorry!

  3. AnnaN

    My kids loved playing here when we were staying with friends recently… It looks lovely too!

  4. Carrie-from-Camden

    Sorry N72js I think that slide’s too brightly coloured. Nice wooden play equipment would work much better. How about this (in Highgate Woods)?

  5. Admin@OakGrove

    Thanks for your comments everyone. if you haven’t already taken part, there are lots of example of playgrounds on the internet – just do a quick Google search under ‘Images’ and save any images for uploading here.

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