September 2017: A meeting with the parish council – a great dialogue and some useful local knowledge

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  1. Jo2

    I attended this meeting and I found it really useful. The team have got some great ideas for the future of the area!

  2. EdwardN

    Me too. I think we need to have more discussion about design though. The design is only at a very early stage and its great that the community are having an input, but please keep in touch with us and come back to the Parish Council with the next set of drawings.

  3. Carrie-from-Camden

    Yes, but not just the parish council – there are lots of other local groups that should be involved if not already. Let me know if you want some details of groups.

  4. Admin@OakGrove

    Thanks Carrie. We’re already talking to the Camden Civic Society, Camden History Society, Friends of Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill, the parish council and LB Camden councillors but if you know of other groups that would like to be involved please email, call 07930 315142 or send an email from this website (see Contacts page). And please spread the word generally!

    Thanks so much for getting involved.

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